We provide innovative solutions to complex problems

Octave Acoustics is a consultancy specialising in acoustics, noise and vibration. We are passionate about delivering real world solutions that are both innovative and pragmatic.

Transport Infrastructure

Infrastructure projects are often complex and typically require the acoustic consulting firm to deliver exemplary service over a broad skill set. The Octave Acoustics team has a depth of experience with infrastructure work having demonstrated competence in all key areas ranging from hands-on fieldwork and analysis through to project control, design coordination and presentation to panels.



Ever increasing commercial pressures require that building designs be effective and economical from project inception. The failure of a consultant to recognise this fact can affect project viability. This does not mean that developers no longer seek high quality outcomes. Required building quality levels vary from project to project. It is a key role of the consultant to recognise the Client’s building quality aspirations whether they be high or low, and to design accordingly.


Planning & Environmental Acoustics

Environmental Acoustics involves the assessment of how noise from a source such as industrial or entertainment activities travels outdoors and affects communities or sensitive uses. Planning processes for new development often requires assessment of environmental noise impacts both caused by, and affecting the proposal.


Vibration Assessment & Design

Assessment and design of vibration involves the investigation of how vibration propagates within, and radiates to and from structures. When occurring within a completed structure, vibration problems are often exceptionally expensive and time consuming to rectify. As such it is important that the assessment of vibration and resulting designs are carried out by a competent and experienced firm.



Expert Witness Services

Significant proposals in planning often dictate complex decisions for Responsible Authorities. Such work requires not only technical knowledge but also a clear understanding of planning principles, frameworks and policy as well as the ability to communicate all of these elements clearly in expert evidence.

Octave Acoustics provides expertise and experience in how noise and vibration issues interact with planning law and how advice is processed. We understand the need to communicate complex technical concepts in clear and uncomplicated language.