Ever increasing commercial pressures require that building designs be effective and economical from project inception. The failure of a consultant to recognise this fact can affect project viability.

This does not mean that developers no longer seek high quality outcomes. Required building quality levels vary from project to project. It is a key role of the consultant to recognise the Client’s building quality aspirations whether they be high or low, and to design accordingly.

Members of the Octave team have extensive experience in the delivery of building projects of all quality levels from bare code compliance through to ‘ultra premium’. Whilst acoustic requirements may vary significantly from project to project, one thing that remains the same is the need for value management to achieve the required outcomes as cost effectively as possible.

Members of the Octave team have an acute understanding of this need which they have demonstrated in their long list of experience on the planning , design and construction stages of all types of projects including apartment, hotel and commercial towers, shopping centres, airports, cinema complexes, defence facilities, schools, tertiary institutions and entertainment centres.

Project types that we provide services to include:

  • Multi-residential / Apartment buildings
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Educational  facilities (School, Universities)
  • Office buildings (base build & fit-out)
  • Critical spaces (cinemas, studios, auditoriums, performing arts)
  • Health care facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Libraries
  • Stadium & sports facilities
  • Aged care facilities & retirement living
  • Places of worship


Services that we provide include:

  • Comprehensive acoustic contract documentation & construction stage services
  • Air-borne & impact sound insulation testing
  • Façade design & assessment
  • BCA/NCC Design, assessment & testing
  • Town planning assessments & reports (DCP, DA)
  • Mechanical Services / HVAC attenuation design
  • Strata & body corporate assessments
  • School BQSH assessment
  • Reverberation design, testing & assessment
  • Construction site inspections
  • Construction noise & vibration management
  • Green Star design & assessment
  • Acoustic peer review & value management