Tyabb Airfield – VCAT Matter Lifestyle Communities

Octave Acoustics was engaged by the Developer to provide expert evidence in relation to the proposal for a 189 dwelling retirement living village located on land adjacent the Tyabb Airfield in the Mornington Peninsula. The matter involved a review of council’s decision to refuse a permit under s77 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Octave Acoustics carried out a comprehensive noise impact assessment including onsite monitoring and 3-D computer modelling. The subject site was determined to be conditionally acceptable for noise sensitive development / development of residential uses. Key findings were that:

  1. Noise sensitive buildings should be designed and constructed to control aircraft noise intrusion in accordance with the methodology set out in AS2021.
  2. That prospective owners of dwellings on the subject site be formally notified of the presence of aircraft noise in the area.

These recommendations imposed an objective minimum standard for building construction to control aircraft noise whilst also giving purchasers pause to consider the local noise environment (a common oversight, particularly with respect to off the plan purchases). Anecdotal evidence suggests that land owners are much less inclined to complain where they have had an opportunity to consider potential noise as part of their due diligence.

The Tribunal accepted this approach and concluded that the proximity of the Subject Land to the runway would not result in a land use conflict that would give reason to refuse the application.