Blessed Carlo College, Moama – SEARs Assessment

Octave Acoustics was engaged to carry out a noise and vibration impact assessment to addresses the requirements of Clause 10 of the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for the construction and operation of the Blessed Carlo College at the corner of Kiely and Lignum Roads, Moama.

The resulting work included a quantitative assessment of noise and vibration generating sources during bulk excavation and construction. Outcomes indicated that excavation and construction impacts would exceed the applicable Noise Affected criterion and may at times also exceed the Highly Noise Affected criterion. As such, it was recommended that construction noise management practices were adopted for the works.

Assessment of noise impacts associated with the operation of the school generally indicated that noise from the school is unlikely to be offensive or result in adverse amenity impacts. However, it was recommended that the school keep the large gym and external doors closed when:

  • Band practices, concerts and the like are held within the main gymnasium space.
  • Sports practice or games are held within the gym space during the Evening period, after 6pm.

Assessment of potential noise impacts on the school considered both traffic and aircraft noise and determined that no special acoustic treatments were required to deal with the resulting noise intrusion.