Anytime Fitness Fairfield

Octave Acoustics was engaged to carry out an assessment and provide advice to address the acoustic requirements of Section 10.5 of the Fairfield Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 relating to ‘Recreational facilities and certain commercial premises providing personal services in town centres.

Assessment included testing prior to fit out to determine the sound insulation and vibration transmission loss characteristics of the base building. Performance requirements for noise and vibration isolation treatments were then calculated in reference to both the schedule of activities and equipment within the gym and the sensitivity / classification of the adjacent uses. Treatments to satisfy the performance requirements were then specified including:

  • High performance FX50 or 4080 acoustic floor coverings to free-weights and boot camp style cardio areas.
  • NXS-14 springs incorporated into weights stacks.
  • Limitation of music to the established level for compliance.