Octave Acoustics is looking for like minded people

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Role in Acoustic / Vibration Engineering

Octave Acoustics, a progressive start-up engineering consultancy specialising in acoustics and vibration is looking for enthusiastic and like-minded people to join our Melbourne team. In just a short period of operation we have established a core of premium clients who have recognised the value in our fresh, client oriented approach. This, coupled with our distinctive strategy for growth presents significant opportunity for career advancement.

 Not only do we encourage you to apply if you have direct experience, we also encourage you to apply if you have not worked as an acoustic/vibration consultant but instead have related industry experience. This role is open to any level of experience or seniority (with commensurate remuneration), more important to us is the fit of your outlook, vision and enthusiasm with that of the existing team.

 Our goal is to maximise opportunities as defined and tailored by you, thereby driving your success, that of your colleagues and that of the business.

 Applications should be sent to info@octaveacoustics.com.au

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