Octave Acoustics is Hiring in Sydney and Melbourne

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Octave Acoustics is looking for enthusiastic people to join our teams in Sydney and Melbourne.

In just two years we have established a core of premium clients and undertaken a diverse range of project work, including multiple hotel, office and apartment tower developments, road infrastructure, shopping centres, comprehensive vibration assessments, schools and universities, licensed premises, planning assessments and CLT and LVL buildings.

Our offering focuses on collaboration to deliver ‘best for project outcomes’. We are driven to deliver services of the highest quality. This direction, coupled with our distinctive growth strategy, presents significant opportunity for career advancement and fulfilment.

We encourage you to apply if you have either direct or indirect industry experience or are a recent graduate of engineering or physics. This role is open to any level of experience or seniority (with commensurate remuneration), more important to us is your outlook, vision and enthusiasm.

Our goal is to maximise opportunities as defined and tailored by you, thereby driving your success, that of your colleagues and of Octave Acoustics.

Applications should be sent to admin@octaveacoustics.com.au

We look forward to hearing from you.