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Noisy Brisbane KittyCat ferries retrofitted after noise complaints

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Another example of the diversity of work that we acoustic engineers get involved with:

NSW Draft Construction Noise Guideline available for public consultation until Friday 30 April 2021

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Following a review of the Interim Construction Noise Guideline (2009), the EPA has prepared a Draft Construction Noise Guideline to modernise and improve the guidelines.

The draft guideline holds people who manage construction projects to account for their environmental performance, by ensuring that construction noise is assessed, planned and managed in a risk-based manner within a framework to drive construction practices that minimise noise impacts on the community. This includes credible community engagement and transparent justification of proposed impact mitigation measures. For further information see:

Mine noise to affect Bee Colonies in central-west NSW?

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This is an example of a question that we are increasingly asked to answer, ‘will there be material noise impacts to non-human populations adjacent the project site/corridor?’

City of Port Phillip seeks middle ground in St Kilda live music venues’ battle with residents

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As we emerge from Covid-19 so to does the ongoing debate on appropriate solutions to the inherent conflicts between city vibrance and city living. An interesting article from the ABC

Octave Acoustics is Hiring in Sydney and Melbourne

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Octave Acoustics is looking for enthusiastic people to join our teams in Sydney and Melbourne.

In just two years we have established a core of premium clients and undertaken a diverse range of project work, including multiple hotel, office and apartment tower developments, road infrastructure, shopping centres, comprehensive vibration assessments, schools and universities, licensed premises, planning assessments and CLT and LVL buildings.

Our offering focuses on collaboration to deliver ‘best for project outcomes’. We are driven to deliver services of the highest quality. This direction, coupled with our distinctive growth strategy, presents significant opportunity for career advancement and fulfilment.

We encourage you to apply if you have either direct or indirect industry experience or are a recent graduate of engineering or physics. This role is open to any level of experience or seniority (with commensurate remuneration), more important to us is your outlook, vision and enthusiasm.

Our goal is to maximise opportunities as defined and tailored by you, thereby driving your success, that of your colleagues and of Octave Acoustics.

Applications should be sent to

We look forward to hearing from you.

Grants for Live Music Venues (Applications Close 25 October 2017)

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Creative Victoria is supporting live music in Victoria by offering grants to Live Music venues under The Good Music Neighbours – Acoustic Assessment Grants scheme. The Good Music Neighbours – Acoustic Assessment Grants is a one-off program that will help live music venue owners be proactive about sound management.  It offers up to $7,500 per venue in funding to obtain an Acoustic Assessment Report for the venue.  There is no onus on the venue owner to match or contribute funding.  The grant can cover the entire cost of a project, up to $7,500. Applications close at 5pm on the 25th of October 2017.

Tim Murray joins Octave Acoustics

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We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Murray at Octave Acoustics.

Tim brings many years of experience in the field of vibration and structure-borne noise engineering, previously as Principle Engineer at Embleton, including the design and supply of isolation systems for:

  • Buildings
  • Swimming pools
  • Gyms and sports courts
  • Services plant

Octave Acoustics attains VicRoads prequalification

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The team at Octave Acoustics is pleased to announce that we are now prequalified with VicRoads for Noise & Vibration (E-NMD).

As part of the prequalification process VicRoads has reviewed both:

  • Our Quality Management system (which conforms with ISO 9001:2015); &
  • The extensive experience that our team members have had on road projects.

We are very pleased with this endorsement.

How to teach – using Tadashi’s Toys

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Finding great teachers that can inspire and relate everyday experiences to complex topics is rare. Tadashi Tokieda is a great example of how to teach.

Ever wondered how vibration patterns and sound waves are formed? Nodes, antinodes and the measurement of such things and what they can tell us about the properties of an object can seem complicated but Tadashi manages to explain a lot using nothing more than a coffee mug.


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